100 years

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100 years

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One hundred years ago tomorrow (June 7th 2024) an ailing Dr Steiner gave the first of 8 lectures at Koberwitz. These are now known collectively as the Agriculture Course. The first lecture started with an uncharacteristic jolly 'welcome to the holiday' introduction before a taste of things to come and then a couple of days off. Dr Steiner really got down to business on June 10th for seven days of extraordinary material. Who understands it even now?

Glen Atkinson's diagnosis is that almost all BD'ers consider it incomprehensible, and it is even foolhardy to try. Unfortunately, I agree with Glen.

There's a lot said about BD but not much of it concerns attempts to understand what Steiner's 'spiritual-scientific foundations for the renewal of agriculture' is and can be. There's a reluctance to lift the bonnet and try to work it out because the lectures don't cede their juices to half-hearted enquiries. Equally frustrating for me is that few share their results - as if the earthly impact of BD is too coarse an expectation to impose on the great man's work.

So my prayer: - assist me to connect the theory and practice of BD in an ascending mutual-spiralling-double-helix dance, so that BD becomes the default form of agriculture because of its manifest excellence in dealing with the ecological, social and personal crises of now.