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The scarily big literature database has swelled in recent months as I have found more and more work on the subjects covered by Considera.

This literature serves a few purposes. One is to show that there is a large academic input to biodynamics and (particularly) agrohomeopathy despite both disciplines being outliers to the orthodoxy.

However, it really becomes useful when those dry papers are combed for the results - usually a couple of lines in amongst the haystack of the necessary academic form - and these results are put into the materia medica. You need to be a bit of an obsessive to do this and fortunately I do have that club in my characterological bag. So far I'd day about 75% of that literature has been 'processed' and I will try to bring that up to 100.

Because that literature database - aka bibliography - is so unwieldy I have put in a crude filter to sort out some categories. Let me know if you want more ..

I was left with a mild irritant. For the majority of entries I can direct interested folk to the source and so the titles are blue - ie they are hyperlinks to the source. But the script which pulls all that info from the database still turned the title blue even if there was no link to go to. I am no coder but I knocked together an appalling attempt to avoid this (blue) red-herring ... but failed. A friend put my scrappy code through Chat GPT and it returned the code all safe and modern and effective. I am stunned! The robots are coming folks.